Hello! My name is Adam Koltun, and welcome to my blog.

The entire purpose of this blog is to give me a place to tackle anything and everything of interest, so there will be no strict thematic boundaries to content.

Here you will find a mixture of my writings and links to anything that I manage to get published out in the great wide world. If I am writing a response piece to any sort of content, I will try to add a link for reference.

Broadly speaking, there will be 4 categories: Essays, Stories, Musings and Articles.

Essays will be focused pieces, usually middling in length, that tackle a subject or family of subjects fairly directly. Anything from Geopolitics to Geometry to George Gershwin.

Stories will be fiction writings of mine, usually following a short story format. Topic, tone and type of story will vary significantly from story to story.

Musings are where I permit myself to wax poetic on a topic, theme or other variable, and will oftentimes happily engage in tangential thinking. Length will vary.

Articles will be either cross-posts from things that have been published elsewhere or things I tried to get published elsewhere and failed.

If you have any Questions, Comments or Concerns please feel free to use the Contact Form