Blast from the Past – Article for the Jewish Daily Forward – Hanukkah Gifts and The American Left

I wrote a piece for The Jewish Daily Forward in November on the subject of Chanukkah. Well, to be honest that was more the narrative vehicle for the point I was trying to make. This was also for The Forward’s “Scribe” section. Unlike my last piece, this article was not in response to any other piece on The Forward or elsewhere. This was an idea that had been brewing in my mind all fall.

So for those of you interested…

Here’s my Chanukkah article on The American Left – CLICK HERE TO READ

P.S. –  The reason I’m spelling it Chanukkah here and it’s Hanukkah on The Forward’s website is that they spell it with an ‘H’ instead of a ‘Ch’. Not an inconsistency on my part, just a decision on their part.


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