Here We Go

Not sure I ever thought that this day would come (again), but here it is (again).

After a few failed attempts over the past 8 years, I am once again launching a blog! The hope, of course, is that this one sticks. I think it will, because what has sunk my previous efforts has been trying to limit myself to one style of content. For example, I had a music blog years back, but I didn’t want to write about music all the time so it sucked died.

I thought I’d kick off our inaugural experience together (me writing, you reading) by giving you just a little background on who I am, where I hail from, etc.

I was born in 1989 in New York City. Before my 2nd birthday, my folks moved from The Bronx to Chicago. I was raised on the Near North Side of Chicago, grew up in the city, and definitely bring some of that urban experience to bear on my writing and POV.

I went to college in Massachusetts, and came out with a B.A. in Anthropology, a B.A. in American Studies, and a Minor in Communications. This basically translates to pretty much the Holy Trinity of Useless Degrees. I like to joke that what I really have is a B.A. in Unemployability.

Seriously though, for a country as self-interested as The United States, you’d think being an American, in America, with a B.A. in American Studies, would totally prepare me for life (in America). Or at least get me an interview somewhere worthwhile. Think again Champ. Think again. (Only real silver lining has been, when I have actually gone in for interviews at jobs totally unrelated to my degrees, getting to the, “So what the fuck IS American Studies, anyway?” bit when they look over my resume. Always a fun icebreaker.)

While I do hope to eventually bring structure and running segments to this site, for now I am going to be taking it easy on myself and riding my own coattails a bit. I’ll be posting a mixture of writings that have never seen the light of day before in the beginning, but mostly this is a place for new writings. It’ll all be appropriately labeled.

We’ll see what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be expanded and/or changed.

So let’s get weird with it, shall we?


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